Commitment to Change

We have succeeded in engaging community members by treating each voice as equal, each opinion as valid, and taking the high road with our efforts. We have learned from each other and shared meals together. We have invited and encouraged specific individuals and the public to participate. Many people have come through word of mouth, social media or with family or friends. A climate has been created to allow for new and lasting friendships. There is a different feeling in the Rapid City air today – a feeling that this could be a time of big change in our hometown, on this historic land.

Rapid City Community Conversations events have touched the lives of hundreds of ordinary citizens, native and non-native, with our hopeful presence in the community. Our key allies are numerous and institutionally critical. Their leaders and staff are part of our core.

Hundreds of people have participated in the conversation process, and we have a core group of approximately 100. We don’t have specific recruitment goals, but we intend to build the core group while still encouraging new people to participate.