Lunch & Learns

Rapid City Community Conversations-Healing & Transformation Team is sponsoring monthly Lunch & Learns. These events are meant to stimulate engagement within our community  to bring understanding on subjects that impact the health and well-being of that very same community Each month, a subject matter expert is invited to offer a lesson that draws attention to our shared vision for a better future for the current and future generations.

Lunch & Learns are held the 2nd Friday of each month, from Noon to 1:00pm. Regional Health Rapid City Hospital hosts the events in the West Auditorium, 353 Fairmont Boulevard (Rapid City). Lunch is provided for registered participants.

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Feature 1

Our next offering is a one-hour introduction to the Oceti Sakowin Rules for Living presented by educator and Rapid City Community Conversations Elder Sandra Woodard.

Oceti Sakowin (Och-et-ee Shak-oh-win) is the proper name for the people commonly known as the Sioux, which means Seven Council Fires. The original Sioux tribe was made up of Seven Council Fires, each of these was made up of individual bands; based on kinship, dialect, and geographic proximity.

Sandra Woodard is a retired educator and an active member of the Rapid City Community Conversations Council of Elders. She is also active in the Red Ribbon Skirt Society, and the Kahtela Society.

August 10, 2018

Registration required to receive a lunch.

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