Wolakol-Kiciyapi (focused on oneness and working together) will form focus groups every other month to discussed issues related to racism and discrimination for educational purposes with respect for each other, to listen and learn.

If you have an issue you need assistance with or you want to help guide those with issues to finding solutions, then this is a group for you. We ask everyone to come with an open heart, mind and respectful attitude.

WOLAKOTA - Peace, Friendship

WOLAKOL-KICIYAPI - Amity, cordiality, mutual esteem, friendship, peaceful, mutual relations.


  1. Friendship; peaceful harmony.

  2. Mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, especially between nations; peace; accord.


  1. Cordial quality or feeling.

  2. An expression of cordial feeling.

  3. (Synonyms) Warmth, friendliness, geniality, heartiness.

Upcoming Events:

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